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You should not LIE in your Resume

When a person wants something but does not have the requirements to get it, some will be tempted to do it the easy way - LIE. To them, it is a white lie because no one was harmed or wronged by telling a lie. In reality, they are betraying the trust and opportunity presented to them.

The lies that job seeker tells to secure a job:

Good at MS Office/Computer literacy

  • In this era of modern technology, almost every job requires a person to operate a computer at some point. Lying about having relevant computer skills will end up costing you dearly very quickly when the interviewer put you through a test.

Graduated from a University/College, when you have not

  • Applying for a job that pays well or the company that you dreamt to work with but do not have the necessary qualification. Some will give it a pass but some people are willing to forge a degree certificate thinking that it is just a paper qualification. The question of integrity and honesty were lost in the process.

Lying about job accomplishments/achievements

  • Most applicants want to impress their interviewer to land them the job. Some may even exaggerate their achievements and what they have done for their previous company. Like being the person responsible for closing a big sale for the company or completed a big project for their client, when in reality they are just part of the team that everyone contributed to the success story. A quick check with their previous employer will reveal everything.

Lying in a job application or any application is never a good thing. It warrants immediate dismissal when your employer finds out about it and it may even jeopardize future opportunities. In extreme cases, lying about having a degree certificate from an actual university can get you into trouble with the law. In this “case”, the applicant was using a forged certificate to further her studies in a Master's degree and was charged under the Penal Code!

After all, an employment background check will reveal everything. If you plan on lying, plan on getting caught as well. Employers do not like to employ liars.

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