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Hiring Bias VS Employment Background Check

Every HR hire based on qualifications and working experience of each job seeker. However, there are some factors that many are not aware of during the interview that affects hiring decisions. These "hidden" bias may cause the company to miss out on a candidate.

For example, people tend to hire a prospective employee based on attractiveness or people with similar interests with them. A job seeker that is more charismatic or have a way to express themselves better stand a higher chance at securing a job. Being recommended by an employee from the same company may influence the hiring decision of HR simply because some employee can vouch for them. These are some examples of "hidden" bias that HR may encounter during the hiring process.

The following are some ways that Employment Background Checks can reduce hiring bias:

Facts based Hiring

Information provided by the candidate should be verified true and accurate, not

taking it with a grain of salt. More often we hire an employee because of how well

they can present themselves and answer interview questions perfectly. This can mislead HR into missing out the candidate who is more qualified in terms of experience and qualifications.

Involve a 3rd party Background Screener

There will be a possibility of unintentional bias if the person conducting the background screening is from the same company. Favouritism can still play a role during the screening process and cause unfair hiring. This can be eliminated by engaging a 3rd party background screening company as they act in the best interest of the company. All candidates are neutral in the eye of a 3rd party and ensure that all candidates are screened objectively.

Not a filtering tool

Employment Background Check is a tool to provide companies with verified

information and informed risks before hiring a candidate. It helps HR to

understand a candidate better and manage the prospective employee better.

It is a tool to allow companies to look at the candidate and evaluate them

objectively, after going through an interview to avoid any misjudgements.

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