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Concern about Employment Background Check?

Candidates and Jobseeker often have a concern and worry when it comes to Employment Background Check on privacy invasion, affects job opportunity, and etc. Here would like to highlight common concern and why you should not worried

Privacy Issue

The task of Employment Background Check is to verified the data and document candidate have submitted during the job application. Verification is done for Employment history, the reason for leaving, education and professional certificate to ensure data provided are accurate and genuine. Background Check companies will not check nor have access to your personal life, where have you been, etc.

The candidate will also be given a Consent Letter to be signed to give authority to conduct the background check. Hence, you as a candidate will be fully aware when is the background check take place.

Will it be a road-block to get hired?

First and foremost, the reason for conducting the background check is to get you hired.

It is not a roadblock, instead is a leading pathway to get you hired. Why?

  • It acts as a supporting document to help HR or Hiring Managers to support your hiring to the stakeholders and management team.

  • Background Check reports are accurate and unbiased about the candidate performance, disciplinary and experience about the candidate which make a good justification material for hire. Especially if your salary package is on top of the budget which may need more justification to management

Besides, Background Check helps to eliminate the candidate that have falsified their working experience, skills and using fake qualification. In another way, it creates more opportunity for the candidate that is genuine and truthful about the experience and qualification.

Does it mean hiring company don’t trust their employee?

This may not be the reason. Let us guide you on why company using Employment Background Check in their hiring process:

Reduce the risk of Bad Hire

Bad Hire can be very costly, not only the loss of initial recruitment fees – there is also a loss in terms of salary, productivity level and even worst losing business. Bad hire also affects the motivation and engagement level of the existing team. With the background check, it protects overall companies’ brands, profits and employees

Avoid hiring bias

There is no doubt some candidate will try to over-qualified their experience and skills to get hired, this limit the opportunity for you to get hired or asking a relevant pay scale. With a background check, hiring is fair and accurate as information had been verified and not just based on candidate acclaimed

Build the culture of Trust and Safety

Whether you are a new joiner or existing staff, you can rest assured about the safety and trust level in the company when the background check is part of the hiring process.

My ex-boss is not happy that I left the company and he will bad-mouth me

If you are worried about bad references due to misunderstanding like these, inform the hiring manager ahead about the matter, so the reference check can be done with a few referees to get more accurate and avoid bias information.

In conclusion, companies that practice employment background check would be a better company to work with, as they value their employees, concern and provide a safe workplace, and no hiring bias. So, instead of worry about the background check affects your offer, maybe you should appreciate and start looking forward to joining a company with a background check in place

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