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Ticking time-bomb in Malaysia: Fake Degrees

In the world of technology, faking a certificate or degree is such an easy task compared to 10 or 20 years ago. This is a growing concern in Malaysia as Employment Background Check is not a common hiring process in many industries.

How easy it is to obtain a fake certificate/degree? All you need is RM500 for a fake SPM certificate. It is reported in news that a company offered a bachelor’s degree for RM6,500. Usually the targeted “customers” are High School leavers that do not have good results and wanted to apply for a job with a fake SPM certificate or enrol to colleges/universities.

Started with fake certificates or dubious degrees, now there are even fraudsters taking it to the next level by faking memberships from highly regulated professional body.

“Victims of a self-proclaimed Datuk Seri Dr told Sunday Star, that the fraudster claimed to be a medical doctor and cheated them into buying expensive products.”

There are fraudsters trying to get a job or apply into a university, there are fraudsters out there trying to cheat or scam your money. But they have one thing in common that is having the easy way out by obtaining a fake qualification without putting any effort for it.

“All industry experts agree that faking an academic qualification is like carrying a ticking time bomb with no idea of when it could go off. It could happen when you claim the qualification for the first time, or it might take years before it explodes in your face – taking your riches and your reputation with it.” – Columnist David Williams, on The Guardian

Do not be a victim and start protecting your business by conducting an Employment Background Check verify all the information before you hire. Start protecting your business from as low as RM150.

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