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Preventing Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Last year, there are 150,000 reported cases of drug abusers and dealers. These numbers are very alarming to the general public. Out of 150,000 cases, only 18,000 have received treatment or rehabilitation more than once, according to data from National Anti-Drugs Agency. What is even more worrying is that 69% of the cases are aged between 19 to 39, which means majority of them are working class citizens.

In July 2019, our IGP revealed that, since January, about 30 policemen has been arrested for drug abuse. This shows that no matter the background or occupation, everyone is vulnerable to the drug problem in Malaysia.

One of the top contributory factor of drug abuse is peer pressure, a study by Monash University. Therefore, if there is a single element of drug abuse in the company, it is very likely to affect the others. Peer pressure prompts an individual to conform to the group, to feel belonged, to be accepted, as to be part of the group will eventually start trying out drugs. Companies are exposed to the drug problem because majority of the workforce are aged between 19 to 39.

In view of such problem in Malaysia, Employment Background Check (EBC) has become evidently more important for companies to combat this issue in the workforce. TalentVie provide comprehensive EBC and fully customization packages that suits your hiring needs, at affordable rates.

Speak with us to find out more on how we can help you reduce the hiring risks and improve hiring quality.

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