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Best Hiring Advice : How to Hire a Bad Staff

How to hire a Bad Staff:

Everyone is telling you how they can help you to hire a good staff. Did anyone tell you how to hire a bad staff? No? Let us begin!

S1E1 : Hire with a FAKE DEGREE:

With so many degree/diploma mills available, you are bound to come across applicants with a fake degree. With technology today, forging a degree is easier than 10, 20 years ago. They might possess the necessary skills to perform the job but integrity and honesty is out the question.

S1E2 : Hire someone who CAN DO NOTHING:

There are many tutorials or learning sessions that teaches an applicant how to ACE the interview by answering what the interviewer wants to hear. At the end of the day, the experience, knowledge and performance in the previous company are what matters.

S1E3 : Hire a good LIAR:

Upping the ante from not able to do anything, they lied about their previous job responsibilities and experience. Overstating their achievements in previous company, claiming they did something significant or completed a project end-to-end but in fact they only contribute to a portion of it.

S1E4 : Hire an Unqualified Person:

Hiring an employee who stated to have the required qualification/certification to perform the job, but found out that he/she do not possess it. Time, effort and money going down the drain.

S1E5 : Hire a Criminal:

Not discriminating a person with a criminal records, we believe everyone deserved a second chance. By knowing a person with a record, it is all about how to manage the employee. Rather than not knowing it (the criminal record).

S1E6 : Hire a Corporate SPY:

This person is here to “steal” information, learn about trade secrets, getting to know how the business operates.

S1E7 : Hire a CON MAN:

As the name suggests, this person is there to sell you a dream, a beautiful dream about what you can do, who you can become. Macam YES, tapi BUKAN.

To avoid hiring a BAD STAFF:

It is the Employer’s obligation to conduct an employment background check with the consent of the applicant. Every applicant will tell you all of the positives, but nobody will tell about their negatives. Failure to conduct a background check can easily result in hiring the wrong person in the wrong job.

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