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Look Out for WORMs!

Employment Background Check

Look out for Worms! The DURIAN looks nice and tasty, isn’t it?

You’ll never know whether the durian is infested by worms. Only by opening up the durian and look closely, there you will find what you do not like to see.

Applying this into the HR or Company perspective. Employing a bad staff will affect the whole company like you would not buy the durian even if there is just a small worm. The new and troublesome hire will cause all kinds of unnecessary hiccups to the company. It is the employer's responsibility to screen a prospective employee before hiring them. Failure to do so will put the company at risk. By conducting Employment Background Checks, the "worm" can be identified and filtered out from hiring pool, saving the company from unnecessary monetary losses.

For example, hiring an employee with salary RM3,000, only to find out 3 months later that he/she have an attitude problem. The company that decided to dismiss the staff. More than RM9,000 have been wasted! Worse, if the employee screw up the clientele!

This can be avoided if Employment Background Checks has been done.

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